WMC Children (Wonderfully Made Inc for children)

WMC Children cheers the children on as they have fun and learn how to interact with themselves and others throughout their daily activities. Our inspiring music and energizing, exciting, and motivating creative educational sessions keep the children acting on their toes. Our model is inspiring children to have fun and  learn as they are living healthy lifestyles (at home, school, and throughout their communities)

Fun Fitness

WMC Children is here for you, boys and girls. Join the creative, fun movement sessions. We will engage in simple, imaginative exercises that will develop flexibility, range of motion, balance, and perceptual-motor skills while reciting words, phrases, math, history, and school topics of your choice.

Yes, drills and more drills of aerobic, muscle movements, and word choices, Of course, we will avoid stinking thinking while engaging in resistance drills. For more English fun, check out me, Fredina B, on VIPKID.