What Is My Self-Image?

What Is My Self-Image?

Who or What Defines MY Self-Image

Are you asking yourself, who am I? Your answer may be complex and portraying a negative self-image. Who you are is a mixture of self-belief, reality, and others’ images. On the other hand, you are a product of your imagination, choices, belief system, and environment. This can be your true-self-identity. There is an expression that says,” you are what you eat, drink, wear, and think”. The question to ask yourself is who or what am I comparing my self-esteem to?


Identity and self-esteem are closely related. However, developing self-esteem and a strong sense of identity is very important to good mental health. Your sense of identity has to do with who you think you are—also, self-worth becomes your perception of lifestyle choices Who-am-I?. Your self-identity begins with you believing and accepting yourself. Yet your positive image is knowing that you are made in the image of God. “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” (https://wonderfullymadeinc.com/who-am-i-3/) (Psalm 139:14).

Self-Esteem Builder

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