Yes, that was a vision and you were not asleep when you saw the various images. Dreams (which are symbolic) happen during sleep; however, visions (which are literal) are vivid images that can come anytime, anyplace, and anywhere while you are awake. For God believers and followers, visions are the picture languages of God’s life revelation.
A vision can manifest during worship, during prayer time, during contemplation and meditation, watching a movie, listening and communicating with others, and walking. Visions are connected with emotional and spiritual impacts. The manifestation of visions can be through mind flashing photos, within a figurative or metaphorical message, video, movie-like-image within one’s mind. One can sense/feel he or she was taken to another environment.
What are your thoughts on vision?
Ring the Bells. You made it through another day. Before you enter your evening agenda, relax by listening to Byron Weems’s music video on Youtube called Ring The Bells.
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Enjoy your evening.

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