Today: Prayer

Today is a new day full of opportunities, decisions, and blessings. In order to make sure we do not miss our God-given blessings, we should pause, take a deep breath, and seek God for guidance. In our heart, we need to stay on our knees in prayer. When we pray, we should be seeking and listening to the Holy Spirit on how to walk, talk, and act within our societies. Also, we should enter our prayer closet to pray for others’ souls, Salvation, and lifestyle needs. Today’s prayer will continue on and on until we lay down to sleep.
We should not view prayer as something we do once and at a certain location. Yes, we will have moments of quick prayers, intense prayers, uncertain prayers, and help me to control my mouth prayers. Our lifestyle is rooted upon prayer. We know that we can do nothing within our own strength.
It’s The God in Me

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