Time Management

Being Christlike reminds us that we are to use our time wisely.
Daily, we need to challenge our scheduling skills by making sure that our scheduled appointments, personal and professional glorify and represent God. Our lifestyle choices, daily chores, and job assignments can become stressfully challenging when we find ourselves making decisions, scheduling meetings, interacting with loved ones and co-workers from self-strength and wisdom versus God’s words of wisdom. The times we are fatigue, anxious, or frustrated, were when we allowed the feelings to dictate our work load techniques and styles. That was when we detoured from making wise decisions.
Productive lifestyles lead to God; therefore, we must follow Paul’s commandment
“we walk as wise people” and this is “whereas we see that managing yourself well, like the ant, is an essential component of wisdom” (Eph. 5: 15-17). Walking in obedience to God’s word instead of being led by our souls or bodies dictation will help us be more workload productive and glorify God within our thoughts, words, actions.
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