The Youth Inspirational Corner

The youth inspirational corner cheers and support young people. Looking back over my youth years, I can remember daily challenges. Unforeseen circumstances prolonged goal dates and academic success, Also, I remember the lack of funds. Therefore, I window shop instead of buying desirable fashion styles. Yet, each one of our youth’s experiences is personal.


The youth inspirational corner is a safe place to be mindful of the lesson learned from life’s defeats or failures. But, on the other hand, youth are encouraged not to become a burden over unexpected situations and circumstances. In addition, the program inspires and coaches young folks to make healthy choices. Also, the discussions encourage young people to maintain personal health care. Finally, In the chatroom, the young person discusses the pros and cons of drugs/alcohol.


The youth inspirational corner enhances decision-making with self-confidence; the chat room addresses current issues. The first topic is dealing with violence in school. Next,  the interaction discussion addresses cyberbullying. Fourth, workshops on handling finances. The fifth focus is their freedom of choice within the political and social arena. Finally, the benefits of time management and stress relief skills are suggested. 

Self-Worth and Self-Respect

The youth are inspired to develop and maintain competence, confidence, and connectedness, which are the skills used during interactions. Young persons recognize when their selective comfort zone keeps them from pursuing their dreams and goals. They focus on self-acceptance. In addition, a healthy balance is developed through competence. Third, young adults are encouraged to have confidence in their decision-making. Fourth, their communication skills are enhanced. Therefore, the healthy outcome results in academic success within their personal and professional connections. This enhances their self-worth and self-respect


Young folks are encouraged to enjoy each moment of their lives mindfully. Also, youth are inspired to live guilt-free. Next, they can accept their strength and weaknesses. The youth inspirational corner primarily coaches young people to live holistically.

The youth inspirational corner helps the youth maintain physical wellbeing, and We will cheer you through the ups and downs of growing pains. We will walk with you through your convictions. But on the other hand, encouragement allows self-compassion when your life does not go as scheduled

Youth, our goal is to support, inspire, educate, and coach you through your personal and professional dreams and goals. Your goal throughout this youth inspirational corner is to express your belief. Finally, motivate the youth to proclaim that “you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” You are a winner regardless of life challenges. So, believe in your ability to be an overcomer of life challenges. Walk into your dreams.