The New Norm:YOU

Change can be defined as the dynamic dual. You ask why the label change as “the dynamic dual”? We are excited for a new journey, yet fearful about our promising future. Before COVID-19 we followed a routine lifestyle schedule. We might not have enjoyed or even wanted to deal with certain characters (family members, friends, in-laws, co-workers, supervisors, customers, students, or teachers), school assignments, mandatory team meetings, or grocery lines. Now entering new norm, after house arrest (confinement), we have to move forward and decide and accept responsibility for our new norm. Dealing with our spirit, what will we let go or add? During our shut-in time, did we spend more time or less time developing an intimate relationship with our Messiah? As we enter the soul care zone, how did we decide to deal with our mood swings in relation to situations, circumstances, and relationships? As we look at our physical image within the mirror, did we maintain our wholistic healthcare through our food choices, consistent or lack of exercise routines, enhance our inner peace through meditation and breathing techniques, did we rest get a sufficient amount of rest, sleep and me-time?


Not knowing what tomorrow will bring can open the door to fear of health issues, the fear of no money; yet, , bills due. If we are not careful we can remain in either negative mental, emotional, physical confinement due to health challenges, family emergencies, sudden loss of employment or customers, or short-term or long-term lifestyle pivot. We are here to journey with you through lifestyle challenges, please check out our virtual consultation sessions that we are offering.

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