The New Norm:Relationships

Coming out of confinement means we must re-enter the face-to-face relationship zones. While staying home did our personal feelings, thoughts and word declaration change on how we will communicate with others? During our time of confinement, we had time to meditate over past, present and future interactions with others. The questions to ask ourselves are: First, are we willing to maintain our belief systems about respectful word choices regardless of how others talk to or about us? Next, are we willing to let go of past offensives and walk in forgiveness versus holding on to or allowing other word choices to determine our words or actions? Third, have we decided to speak life into every person or situation we encounter versus words of doubt, hate, anger, fear, and bitterness? Finally, have we decided to enter each relationship in love versus self-glorification, self-pride or based on what others can do for us?
Our New Norm is to walk, talk, and serve other in love, which is our belief system.

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