The New Norm: Work Ethics

A pandemic should not control how we choose to serve others. Yes, we collectively participated in this devastating virus. It has taken a toll on us spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We are still standing. As we re-enter (for some of us) into the work world and for some of us who never stop engaging within our professional lifestyles, we must consider the thought that things are not the same. Yes, our jobs customers, and society will require us to put in a full day work for a full day pay. Hopefully, our perspective on customer services and appreciation of being able to re-enter the work zone has changed. Dealing with everything online with no immediate answers or responses should help us to appreciate good customer services. As we interact with others on our job, we will respect their viewpoints and assist them more graciously from a spirit of humility. Instead of whining and complaining about being over work and under paid (this may be true) let us remember why we are working ( to pay bills, serve others, and to glorify God, our Lord and Savior).

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