The I In Hair

Does the secret of my radiant appearance depend upon my haircare, transitional DNA, texture, style or color? Does my hair glamor portray my soul care? Does my nappy, kinky, curly, or straight hair represent my personality? Does my thick, thin, long, short or baldness visually alert others to my financial status? Is a woman’s hair identity/self-image rooted upon a man’s approval or judgement on her hair textures, length, style or color? Does a man’s self-identity and hair grooming depend upon his lady’s approval or disapproval of haircut, facial hair, or length? All the above questions ponder within one’s mind when deciding to maintain hair healthcare; however, hair maintenance roots trigger back through cultural history, family genetics, traditional styles, and acceptance of one’s personal hair care preferences.
As we re-enter the beauty or barbershop of our choices, make sure we evaluate our current hair styles and types and communicate the hair care needs during this new norm season.

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