The Heart Search:Spritual and Phyiscal Life Challange

Spiritual and Physical Life Challenge

Life Challenges: Spiritual and Physical

Throughout our daily interactions, we experience spiritual and physical ups and downs. We are spiritually content. We spend time with God daily and sense his inner peace. Our faith level is high. Although we may be financially lacking. Today, we have no muscle-joint pain and no family drama. Yes, it is a good day when we are walking in blessings. We have a peaceful home environment—a light workday. We enjoy our daily prayer and meditation time with God.

On the other hand, on a bad day, we experience emotional stress, no willpower to pray or seek godly counsel. Now, it is time to breathe and try not to focus on this gloomy day. God is bigger than your life challanges Cringe to the thought of the cross, which is Jesus’ resurrection power within your life. God wants you to accept and admit that you have no control over good or bad; however, you can choose to “be still and know that I am God” Psalms 46:10. What we all need is inner peace as we deal will the yo-yo system of life.

Your spiritual wellness can attack the yo-yo system of life

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