The Anchor in Your Ankle

anchor ankle

The ankle, in the anatomy book, is referred to as a gliding joint. The gliding joint has the simplest motion possible in any joint. One surface moves over another. If you do not maintain your ankle strength, your leg movement can be restricted, which limits your walking abilities.
A suggestive ankle strengthening exercise is the seated ankle circles. While watching T.V. or talking on the phone, lift your right foot up, parallel to the floor. Point your toe and move your ankle in a circle motion. After a minute reverse your circle. Repeat with your left ankle.

As you think about the importance of having an anchor (strength) within your ankles, ask yourself how am I restricting the movements of family members, co-workers, or church members?

  1. Are you respectful of your spouse’s, children’s, or parents’ schedule?
  2. Are you open to others suggestions at work?
  3. Are you criticizing church leadership?

To keep your anchor in your spiritual and physical ankle, remember to seek God’s guidance.
“The law of their God is in their hearts; their feet do not slip” (Psalm 37:31 NIV).

Have a blessed day.