Thank You

Those two words are good physical and spiritual medicine for others/self-wellbeing.  This is how we avoid taking self and others for granted. It is healthy and motivating to say

Thank-you to self. Why?

Every day we are given numerous opportunities to prolong our lifestyle through our food choices, word choices, physical activity or lack of physical activity, and several invitations to engage in unhealthy emotional drama. If we maintain our sanity, we should proclaim thank you Lord for the strength to select healthy lifestyle choices.

Thank-you to others. Why?

No man is an island during this challenging pandemic, we have God working through the medical industry and media to keep us alert to what is going on throughout the world. Hopefully, we are surrounded by loving, compassionate, motivating selfless family members, friends, co-workers, and belief systems as we circulate through this pandemic.

Please do not forget to say thank-you when the opportunities occur.

Let us know your thoughts.

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