I am Dr. Fredina Usher-Weems. One of the owners of a Health and Wellness company called
Wonderfully Made Inc.
We (Wonderfully Made Inc) are offering free online Tai-Chi sessions. There will be once a week 3o
minute session for sixteen (16) weeks through our organization virtually through Zoom. The sessions
will start October 6, 2021 and end on January 19, 2021. Join the relaxing yet energizing lunch time
wellness activity. If you or your organization want to sign up, please get in touch with Dr. Fredina at
fredina@wonderfullymadeinc.com. Hurry spaces are limited.
The Tai-Chi formation, which I am certified through, is
Tai-Chi for Arthritis by Dr. Paul Lam.
I am certified through this organization for several years now. This is an easy-to-learn stress releaser. In
addition, it offers its participants the following benefits: relieve pain, reduces muscle-joint soreness,
improve health and balance. Also, it will enhance your employees’ morale, customer interactions and
increase your company’s productivity by lowering health absentee take-off time.
The time will be convenient for you at work or home. You can connect from home or your work area.
Upon sign up, you will need to fill out the attachment. This will be kept on file within the grant funding
office. The government is offering this as a community-free service.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further.
I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Dr. Fredina J. Usher-Weems
CEO/Founder Wonderfully Made Inc.