Health: Balance

Juggling activities, engaging in making numerous decisions, lacking time for rest and relaxing can cause us to operate from fatigue, poor physical condition, and malnutrition. We need a wellness balance. This will allow us to know when we need to be praying or serving. This will help us to know when we should be: Working or taking leisure time. Leading … Read More


We enjoy fitting our last year’s clothes comfortably. As we approach Christmas, we want a room to enjoy our holiday meal and especially desserts. Let us make preparation time to slim and trim our spiritual, soul, and physical waistlines. Please like, share, and subscribe   On your wellness journey, would you like to transition from an unhealthy lifestyle … Read More

You Can Do It!

We know that exercising is essential to our mental and physical wellbeing; however, we are not motivated to workout.  What will motivate you to partake in a daily exercise ritual?  Let’s look at the list below, and pick a couple of them for our daily motivators.   Health Benefits of aerobics-weight loss, energizer, disease prevention, and family fun. Social activity-family … Read More

Podcast: Medical Challenge “Stroke”

Check out our podcast in order to educate you and your loved ones on the signs, symptoms, and preventive skills for stroke. This will bless, help and assist you and your love ones in the wellness area of chronic disease. Podcasts Remember You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Love Byron and Dr. Fredina #strokeprevention #wellness #medicalchallanges  

Stress Manager: Essential Oil

One’s stress levels can fluctuate, cause physical illnesses, and lead one down the road called depression. Let us offset the stress that rapidly attacks our lifestyles through the use of essential oils. Now before we implement the suggestive essential oils, let us check with our Spiritual Physician (SP) and our Medical Physician (MP). We can feel within our bodies, brains, … Read More

Thank You

Thank you for sharing in person or through Livestream. If you missed it check out below. Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Love, Byron and Dr. Fredina


Are you entering or in a wellness season that needs a transformation boost? Our Transformation book club offers keys to transformation – body, soul and spirit. The transformation process will incorporate weekly Scriptures readings, holistic tips, simple, accessible aerobic movements, strength endurance techniques, suggested healthcare guidance, and ongoing wisdom and knowledge on how to maintain spirit, soul, and physical healthcare. … Read More

Meditation: Breathe

Tomorrow, throughout your day, schedule brief meditation breaks. Find a quiet place, play your favorite song, and try this. 1. Before leaving the house, just brief in and out. Try this for two minutes. 2. In the car or on the bus, call on Jesus and let the peace of God rule in your heart. 3. Conflict on your job, … Read More

Garlic: Medical Incentive

Throughout the centuries, garlic has been used as a healthcare benefit in the recipes, as an over the counter immune system booster, and as a breath controller. Yes, its odors can be strong; yet it has an acquired taste. This plant has been known to cure common cold, reduce one chance of contacting various viruses. The medical/healthcare industry has listed … Read More