Stress Realization

Dealing with stress requires us to focus on what is causing stress. We will not maintain a healthy lifestyle if we do not face, admit, and deal with situations that can cause discord within our wholistic balance, spirit, soul, and body. This is the time to face our fears of stress knowing that God has not given us the spirit … Read More

Detoxify Stress Part Two

Some more ways to detoxify stress are: Sleep (Getting the proper amount of rest for your individual needs) Bedtime hours (Pray, listen to your body, and seek medical counsel on how much sleep is needed for your lifestyle). Early meal (Do not skip breakfast. Would you drive your car without gas)? Watch caffeine, medication, sugar intake having tuff time sleeping … Read More

Stress Response

Is how your body response to life challenges; dangerous, threatening, surprise, joyous, grief, and etc. We all handle stress differently. There is a certain amount of stress that is consider to be normal: occasional response, answering cell phone, email, family time, daily schedule activities. Then there is chronic stress which can affect your health; neck stiffness, migraines, cloud thinking, sleep … Read More

Detoxify Stress Part One

Ways of coping with life’s adversities have been passed down through our parents and learned behavior traits from others. Let us ponder over some behaviors we can use  to cope with various stressful situations.   Eliminate Stress (Remember with God all things are possible) God time, prayer, meditation(Daily spend time with God). Me time ( Take time to enjoy life). Say … Read More


Let take self-evaluation; stress level.     Purpose To see if you need healthier ways to relieve stress. Stress Scale Respond to each statement using the following scale: 5 = strongly agree            4 = agree             3 = neutral          2 = disagree        1 = strongly disagree   Stress Questions   ___________ I find it hard to get more than three or … Read More