Self-Destructive Behavior: Changes

Change is never easy. As we face the challenge of changing unwanted behavior, we must first be patience with ourselves and remember our negative habits were not developed over night. We might overcome some instantly and others will take time. A good way to keep track of our progress is through journaling.  This way we can record our emotions, thoughts, … Read More

Soul Care

Is it well with your soul? The balance soul care balance, will, mind, and emotion can be very challenging if we live within our emotional zone. We cannot allow the feelings (shame, bitterness, hurt) or our attitudes (arrogant, pride, or low self-esteem) to dictate our self-will and mind. We can choose to uproot negativity that has nested within our thoughts … Read More

Can You Image

Take sometime before, mid day break, or in the evening to only image your visions, dreams, and goals. See yourself walking, driving, or sitting in your destiny, this quick wholistic meditation (spirit, soul, and body) will energize, motivate, and encourage you to keep on keeping on. If you would like further wellness nuggets or inspirational music to mediate, relax or … Read More

Soul Care

is it well with your soul? Before entering a new week, take this time to check, evaluate, and prepare your soul for planned and unplanned lifestyle challenges. Note: We do not have music rights for the song played: It Is Well With My Soul. Let us know how it goes. On your wellness journey, would you like to transition from … Read More

Soul Image: You

Does our daily responses root from our emotional state? At times we are not feeling our best, especially entering a new norm with uncertainty of the next day’s outcome. We know that our emotions are flakey and not reliable; yet, we need to take every feeling into consideration. We should check in with our feelings to find out why we … Read More

Emotional Health

We all deal with entering and exiting emotional seasons. These seasons include dealing with personal and professional grief, facing unforeseen circumstances, embracing the pleasures of a pay raise, enjoying relationships, and taking the time out for a much needed rest and relaxation. Emotional healthcare is a must. We want to eliminate emotional drama that causes unbalance within our wholistic lifestyles, … Read More

It Is Well

Take the time out, to relax and move forward in reassurance that it is well with your soul. Happy Friday If you are looking for some anointed inspirational songs, check out our music section and purchase some of our anointed music by our inspiration vocalist, Byron Weems. Buy Now MUSIC ™©

Clarification: Song Choices

We love to sing along. We shout out the words, we pat our feet to the beats, we go through the emotional mood swings when feeling and repeating certain lyrics. Our selective song choices reveal our personal right to make such selection to listen, sing, dance, and proclaim the lyrics out loud and within our spirits, souls, and bodies. We … Read More

Fade Away

There are some people, places, things, and decisions that we have made that we would love to fade out of our sights and out of our minds. There are some self-inflicted personalities, prideful thoughts, and anger actions we would love to erase through a fading away environment. Well, we cannot erase past hurts, bad relationships, and lifestyle failures. We can … Read More

The Traffic Light

Approaching the intersection and the release to proceed through the intersection depends on if we are a driver or pedestrian. The colorful traffic light keeps traveling order, reduces intersection accidents. Traveler know and abide by the traveling laws. As drivers we know that we proceed on the green light after caution. IF we are traveling by foot, we know that … Read More