Ring the Bells Against Self-Destruction

Freedom from self-destruction depends upon our responses and reactions to unhealthy relationships, jealous co-workers, and financial difficulties.  We can overcome self-destruction by identifying and admitting negative behavior patterns. Self-destruction patterns: Self-harm-are we cutting, picking, hitting/punching, scratching, or pulling our hair? Compulsions-are we gambling, overeating, using substance engaging in risky sex, or shopping excessively? Neglect- are we not paying attention to … Read More

Self-Destructive Behavior Change

Change is never easy. As we face the challenge of changing unwanted behavior, we must first be patience with ourselves and remember our negative habits were not develop over not. We might overcome some instantly and others will take time. A good way to keep track of our progress is through journaling. This way we can record our emotions, thoughts, … Read More

Stop: Self Sabotaging

Stop: Self Sabotaging We all have dreams, goals, and future plans that we ae waiting to manifest within our personal lifestyles. As we are waiting, how can we stop “self-sabotaging”? Stop dwelling of past mistakes and failures-by looking at them as learning opportunities. Take captive every thought-thoughts that are self-defeating, we must cast them down and renew our mind daily … Read More