I Feel, I Feel, I Feel

When we state our feelings (sad, happy, angry, joyous) that initiate in our neocortical regions of the brain, we are proclaiming our emotional state—this a mental portrayal of what is going on internally. There is no definite way of measuring what we feel. Yes, we should be in tune with our feelings; however, our feelings should be in submission to … Read More

Me I Don’t Want To Be

There are days when we don’t like ourselves. What do we do? We know that we can’t drift into being the persons we want to be. What are the rivals that PREVENT us from becoming the Me We Want To Be? • Pretense-trying to be some people we were not created to be. • Comparison-killing our spiritual growth, self-worth, and … Read More

Self-Awareness and Self-Acceptance

Self-awareness and self-acceptance of our limitations are important in order for us to avoid burnout. A self-awareness strategy of knowing who and what pushes our buttons of aggravation, anxiety, and frustration can help us to avoid feeling overwhelmed, angry, and the need for self-defense. This will help restore or maintain optimal safe-care within the following wellness components: emotional, physical, financial, … Read More

Self-Identity Transformation

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well” (Psalm 139:14 NIV). Each day, if you do not keep your eyes on Jesus, you can find something you do not like about yourself or allow others to point out negative things about your personality, physical appearance, and daily choices. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! … Read More

Ring the Bells For The New You

Before we decide what new image we will portray during 2021, let us acknowledge what self-images we need to carry over from 2020 into 2021. As we ponder this thought, we must agree that we will need to continue to walk in self-discipline and continue paying our bills, which means we need to keep the cash flow. We must maintain … Read More


We all make a physical connection with others through our fingers. We serve ourselves with our hands. Hopefully, we do not wait until we are not able to use a finger, to be grateful for use of all ten fingers. A question to ask ourselves is What are our spiritual fingers connecting, releasing, and holding onto? When reference spiritual fingers, … Read More

My Name

Our names are very important to us since our names introduce us to others. When we say Hello, my name is, we are letting others know how to identify us and our biological family ties. For the government and residential purposes, our first, middle and last names are linked up to our unique social security numbers, fingerprints, physical appearances, financial … Read More


There are highlights on our daily journeys where we should and need to rejoice, give praise, be thankful and grateful, and celebrate our accomplishments. We have been fighting a good fight of faith; we have accomplished this seasonal or long-term goal that at times we struggle with believing that the outcomes would be victoriously. Before we move forward to initiate … Read More

Mindfulness: Self-Worth

As we think about our self-worth, we ponder over what we are not. As these negative thoughts linger, we visually see ourselves as worthless, penniless, anti-social, unloved by self and others, and a menace to society. We can overcome our preconceived meditated self-image of defeat placed upon ourselves or inflicted upon us by loved ones, neighbors, co-workers, customers, supervisors, and … Read More


As a self-counselor, one must deal with consequences of sinful choices, maintain an intimate relationship with God, and deal with one’s emotional state and physical healthcare. One’s journey down self-counseling road mandate one to possess one’s own soul. To enter and maintain soul transformation: Ownership-One must accept and take responsibility for every choice and the decision made. Repent-Decide to change … Read More