Rest: Music

Music is a form of therapy. Music can calm your spirit, heal your soul, and provide energy needed to endure life challenges. Benefits of listening to music throughout your daily routines: Morning worship music Initiates God’s presence throughout the atmosphere. Provides spiritual sunshine.  Energizes your soul and body. Daily Medicine Sing along-God’s word songs. Brings inner peace. Motivates you to … Read More

Music Choices

“Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things (are) honest, whatsoever things (are) just, whatsoever things (are) pure, whatsoever (are)lovely, whatsoever things (are) of good report, if (there be) any virtue, and if (there be) any praise, think on these things” (Philippians 4:18 KJV). The music you selected to listen to in 2016, did the words encourage you to: • … Read More

Music to Study By

Using Music therapeutically, will stimulate your entire brain. Relaxing music can calm your nerves and enable your to concentrate more efficiently. Studying for an exam or doing homework, play one of your favorite inspirational songs. Looking to increase mental engagement with work, music experts suggest you listen to classical music. Coming off your summer break or returning to school or … Read More

Musical Chairs

single red chair amongst white chairs

Musical chairs is a fun game; yet, it can be challenging. As you play the game, you are always conscious that each time the music stops, a chair will be removed and one person will be left standing without a seat. The one standing is now out of the energizing game. Each day you as an adult or child, join … Read More

The Music In Me

The Music In Me The melody in me reveal one’s self-identity. In addition it is the The echoes of your thought. Yet, what voices do they proclaim?You have internal image can control your attitude, emotion, and character.The chant within you shines brightly through your outward speech, facial expression, and body language.”Daily bathing in music refreshes you with a clean spirit, … Read More

The Soul Music Playing Within

Your Inner Music The music from the soul,relates to the consciousness of your self-belief. The melodies from the heart energizes your thoughts, emotions, and words spoken. On the other hand, the music exhausts your strength, feelings and depletes your faith proclamations. The sound of a vocal instrument within one’s soul can produce beauty and guide one’s feelings and decisions. Therefore, … Read More