Energy Dosage

We all need vitamins, good eating habits, fitness rituals, and faith declarations. Instead of relying on medications to cure our emotional and physical challenges, let us partake of a daily spiritual (energy) prescription to prevent unnecessary stressors, people pressures, and spiritual’s, emotional’s, and physical’s deterioration: 1. Take a deep breath 2. Have an attitude of gratitude 3. Declare God’s words … Read More


Each day we visually illustrate our praises too and for God. During our challenging days is when others see our true praise and worship actions. Even thou frustration, aggravation, and anxiety can attack us all through our souls and bodies, by faith we need to remind ourselves that in Christ, we can do all things (guide our thoughts, heart, emotions, … Read More


“Well, it’s time to make that change. People of the world today are fading All of us have our ups and downs. You better think about it or you won’t be around What we need is a little bit of love. Sent by One from Heaven above. Take it from “T.”, it’s simple and plain. This ain’t no game, you … Read More