We are destiny to follow our destiny. Our dreams and goal should be rooted and visual throughout our daily interactions. We energetically tell others that we have a calling, or passion. Yes, we plan and enjoy operating within our God-given-callings. The question to ask ourselves is, do we just have one calling throughout our lifespans? Let us ponder over the … Read More

Lifestyle Recipe

The good ingredient within our lifestyle recipe is not rooted upon our good works, good deeds, or legacies’ destinations. To endure the lifestyle race set before us, we must put on a wholistic armor that helps us to maintain a balance between our spirits, souls, and bodies. This recipe must include, ongoing self-evaluations, self-acceptance, realization of our strength and weaknesses, … Read More


We seek revelation when we are operating within an unknown environments, relationships, financial crisis, or in need of healthcare preventions. We tend to let our minds wonder into the “What If” Syndrome. Now we are in need of the manifestation of the definition of the term Revelation, which is “a surprising and previously unknown fact, especially one that is made … Read More


Operating within a proactive zone requires self-control practices. Our interactive focuses are rooted upon us controlling our words, actions and deeds versus responding to our situations, circumstances, and relationships’ dramas. Our daily proactive journeys should include the following lifestyle preparations: 1. Anger management-this is where we select in advance to not be intimidated and not to operate from emotional states … Read More

Teddy Bear Part 1

“Teddy Bear Turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear, Touch the ground. Teddy bear, teddy bear, Tie your shoes. Teddy bear, teddy bear, That will do” (Lyrics to Nursery Rhyme Teddy Bear). This nursery rhyme we learned as children and teach our children encourages us to stay physically fit and maintain physical appearance. Throughout our lifestyle choices we get turned around … Read More

Make Room

  “I find space for what I treasure And I make time for what I want I choose my priorities and Jesus, You’re my number one So I will make room for You I will prepare for two So You don’t feel that You Can’t live here Please live in me” Lyric by Jonathan McReynolds, Make Room. Does that sound … Read More


Flexibility through “excellence is knowing what you’re supposed to do, getting it on autopilot, and going beyond. It means having that extra touch” (Quote by Matt Perman). Reaching our goals of excellency through flexibility, means we must choose to relinquish our desires and self-wills to complete the to do- list, relax and incorporate core routine of completing main daily activities … Read More

Marginal: Balance

We all want to give and receive loyalty, respect, and acceptances to and from our spouses, siblings, children, parents, co-workers, friends, neighbors, customers, and strangers. We want to be successful within our careers, communities, and we want to be faithful within our churches. The challenges we must face ongoing is to Balance: Work/Leisure Action/Meditation Speaking/Listening Handwork/Headwork Intensity/Idleness Giving/Receiving Serving/Waiting Applying/Learning … Read More