The I In Pride

We are operating in pride, if we look at the third letter in pride and realized we respond from “I”. If we are operating in Christ, we realized that the third letter in Christ is R (resting and raise in Christ). “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should … Read More

The New Norm:YOU

Change can be defined as the dynamic dual. You ask why the label change as “the dynamic dual”? We are excited for a new journey, yet fearful about our promising future. Before COVID-19 we followed a routine lifestyle schedule. We might not have enjoyed or even wanted to deal with certain characters (family members, friends, in-laws, co-workers, supervisors, customers, students, … Read More

Reality and Truth

We are living in physical bodies within a realistic world. Spiritual truth as Believers is, we walk by faith and not by sight. Being in the world but not of the world, we must respect and abide by the laws of the land, since God’s word motivate us to “Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: … Read More

I Am A Child Of God

Today, I might not feel at my best. Right now, I might just be in debt. Tomorrow I move forward, still knowing I am a child of the most High King. You might not like my skin color, hair style, dress code or body shape; however, I am still a child of God. My voice diction might be too high … Read More

My Name

Our names are very important to us since our names introduce us to others. When we say Hello, my name is, we are letting others know how to identify us and our biological family ties. For the government and residential purposes, our first, middle and last names are linked up to our unique social security numbers, fingerprints, physical appearances, financial … Read More

Clarification: Stage-Identity

“The whole world is a stage And everybody’s playing a part The stage is set The curtain goes up The scene is a broken heart” (Lyrics The Whole World Is A Stage by Fantastic Four) On stage we can be whoever we want to be, freedom of choice. Is that really true? Even thou actors portrays various characters whose personalities … Read More


Identity-Impact We have to decide how we are going to define our self-worth and value through our self-identity. This means we must engage in stripping ourselves (naked now) of seeing ourselves through yesterday vision while we focus on self-image through tomorrow lenses. This will release the tension and anxiety that comes from living within our self-identity collision of opposite (who … Read More


We all take time out to quench our thrust. After drinking, how do we view what fluid is left in the glass. Is it half empty (pessimism) or is it half full (optimism)? The way we view the reminding fluid in the glass can be transition over into how we view our lifestyles. For example As we look at our … Read More