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Garlic: Medical Incentive

Throughout the centuries, garlic has been used as a healthcare benefit in the recipes, as an over the counter immune system booster, and as a breath controller. Yes, its odors can be strong; yet it has an acquired taste. This plant has been known to cure common cold, reduce one chance of contacting various viruses. The medical/healthcare industry has listed … Read More

Skin Aging

We know that the medical industry alerts us that over the age of 65 the chances of getting skin cancer increase. As we grow older in God’s grace, we know that our physical appearance will change in the course of the normal aging process; yet, we are still fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. We should be aware and … Read More

Flower Vase

Spring brings about the blossoming of beautiful flowers. It is amazing how every year they return under God’s grace. The rainbow of flower colors encourage us to spend time outdoors to take in the breath-taking scenery. We often picked an assortment of flowers and placed them in a vase to be displayed within our various furnished rooms. As we ponder … Read More

Water Fun

Water games can be fun, exciting, and refreshing family activities. Pool or beach activities that our families participant in reminds us of sunny weather, and summer days. Family vacation on a cruise ship  offers us buffet styles, ballroom dances, and various recreational activities. Spiritual water fun provides us with the gift of eternal life, ongoing soul cleansing, and God’s unconditional … Read More