Ear Infection

byron and fredina weems

We all laugh when we hear someone say “can you understand the words coming out of my mouth”? It is not so funny when you cannot hear what is being said because of an ear infection. An ear infection can be acute or otitis media result from a bacterial or viral infection. This unhealthy and uninvited infection often affects the … Read More

Sinus Infection

As the season changes, some of us are attacked by Sinus Infections. This unwanted negative health challenge result in sinusitis which is an inflammation of sinuses and nasal passages. It can cause the following symptoms: headaches or pressure within our eyes, nose, or cheek area or tightness on one side of our head. We notice that we are now coughing, … Read More

Stress Manager: Essential Oil

One’s stress levels can fluctuate, cause physical illnesses, and lead one down the road called depression. Let us offset the stress that rapidly attacks our lifestyles through the use of essential oils. Now before we implement the suggestive essential oils, let us check with our Spiritual Physician (SP) and our Medical Physician (MP). We can feel within our bodies, brains, … Read More


The pigment level within one’s skin can result in keloids implementation after scars, surgeries, and tattoos. Keloids “are raised reddish nodules that develop at the site of an injury. Keloid can be seen on various parts of the body: upper chest, back, legs (wherever you place tattoos or had surgeries), behind the ears from ear piercing, insect bites, pimples and … Read More

Skin Care

We need ongoing replacement of Antioxidants in the skin as there are depleted from our skin when exposed to sunlight. Please check with your Spiritual Physician and Medical Physician before including these supplements within one’s regular nutrition. Vitamin A-This supplement is important for skin health. Tretinoin (Retin-A) reduces fine and large wrinkles, liver spots, and surface roughness. Tazarotene, retinoid, is … Read More

Exposure: Skin Disorder

No one sits around meditating about skin disorders. Regardless of one’s age, he or she can be at risk. Skin disorders (through sun exposure) occur in childhood and adolescence at a percentage between 50% and 80%. Let us make sure we are providing the proper amount of sunblock or sunscreen for self and our children. Senior citizens between the ages … Read More


Healthcare industries remind us that our medical history depends upon our families’ backgrounds and our personal self-cares but mostly from our DNA families’ generation. If we think about our wholistic lifestyles (spirit, soul, and body) healthcare we must reflect upon the following DNA: Spirit-our belief and faith in God or god; Soul-our self-will to choose, mind-thoughts (positive/negative) from self, family … Read More

Clarification: Medications

At times we are given over-the-counter drugs and prescribed prescriptions approved by our physicians and through our insurance coverages. We are given yearly shots to combat virus, infections, and unforeseen diseases. We are informed of the various could be possible side effects from taken prescribed drugs and vaccines shots. Do we really meditate over the various side-effects seriously? A suggestive … Read More


Power revolves around the desire, will, and energy to stand firm and rooted within our faith as we engage various ongoing activities. Power to fight off oppositions, go against recognition of popularity, or to stand on our faith-filled conviction can be challenging, draining, and stressful when we operate within our limited self-wisdom and knowledge. When we serve self and others … Read More

Relinquish Control

Is it one of those days where we would rather have stayed in bed? We would rather let someone else take responsibilities for our decisions, food choices, and spending patterns. Have we reached our capacity limit for being patience with others, listening to their conversation rooted upon themselves? Better yet, have we decided to give them a piece of our … Read More