Shoe Choice

  Choose your shoes wisely before you step out. This means seeking God before making your shoe choice.  What life challenges will we encounter today? Should I wear boots for deep mud walking? Should I wear tennis shoes for jogging to various places? Should I wear heels for a professional appearance? Also, this means to know your body. How are … Read More

Monday Night: Check UP

Tonight, before we lay our heads down to rest on the pillows, let us evaluate Monday’s outcomes in the area of relationships, self-goals, and God time: God time-Did I make the time to pray, to study God’s word, and to praise and worship Him? Relationships- Did my words spoken to co-workers, neighbors, friends, and family members built them up and … Read More

Health: Balance

Juggling activities, engaging in making numerous decisions, lacking time for rest and relaxing can cause us to operate from fatigue, poor physical condition, and malnutrition. We need a wellness balance. This will allow us to know when we need to be praying or serving. This will help us to know when we should be: Working or taking leisure time. Leading … Read More

Podcast: Medical Challenge “Stroke”

Check out our podcast in order to educate you and your loved ones on the signs, symptoms, and preventive skills for stroke. This will bless, help and assist you and your love ones in the wellness area of chronic disease. Podcasts Remember You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Love Byron and Dr. Fredina #strokeprevention #wellness #medicalchallanges  

Slow and Steady

When we accomplish our task or finish our course, we realized that “haste made waste” repeating the journey was unnecessary, and our slow and steady pace resulted in a victory versus defeat. Whether our assignment was professional or personal, the outcome was based on our commitment to in faith move forward in spite of obstacles.   Throughout this week, we must … Read More

Wellness Transition

Are we ready for our spirit, soul, and body seasonal transition? Every day brings about a need/desire to change wholistically while dealing with situations, circumstances, people, and things. Please like, share, and subscribe On your wellness journey, would you like to transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a wholesome, productive lifestyle? Try our Wholistic wellness transformation process by joining our … Read More

Sunscreen: Counterattack

The weather forecast reveals that the temperature is rising. This means more outdoor activities. Since we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His Image, we must engage in skincare maintenances. Suggestive tips on who can benefit from wearing sunscreen:   Anyone who easily sunburn. Those who work outdoors and will be enjoying outdoor activities. Anyone who wants to maintain youthful … Read More


    It is Monday. It is time to twist our thought while we lunge into the productive week ahead. Let us stay active and in shape as we face masks through this week and endure or handle plans and unexpected circumstances. Let us try this strengthening, sculpting, and toning movement.   Facing sideways, hands at your side, shoulder relaxed … Read More

Living Healthy

This means no dead weight allowed within our spirit, soul, and body. If we are going to run our earthly race to our desired fitness line, we must eliminate all unhealthy burdens. We have to lay aside every weight that is causing us to drag to the finish line. What are weights? Anything that is causing us to go through … Read More


Are you entering or in a wellness season that needs a transformation boost? Our Transformation book club offers keys to transformation – body, soul and spirit. The transformation process will incorporate weekly Scriptures readings, holistic tips, simple, accessible aerobic movements, strength endurance techniques, suggested healthcare guidance, and ongoing wisdom and knowledge on how to maintain spirit, soul, and physical healthcare. … Read More