Finishing In Grace

As we look back over your week, do we feel defeated? Are we judging our week’s accomplishments based on our mistakes, wasted times, family arguments, and stress levels? Stop !!!!!!!!!! Our self-evaluation over our last week’s outcomes should cause us to notice the following:  our strength and weakness, word choices, and responses to others. In order to put our actions … Read More

Family Grace

Throughout our interactions with loved one, we have felt  used, misunderstood, and taken for granted. If we pondered over  those thoughts, we might not want to attend future family dinners, reunions, birthday celebrations, or be  seen with family members in public places. The weekend is here and it is family time. In order to not operate from past or current … Read More

God’s Mercy and Grace

As you  are covered with God’s mercy and grow in God’s grace,you  can reflect over your  life journey and see God’s saving grace throughout your earthly ministry. The lyrics  from the song Amazing Grace, remind us to: Receive God forgiveness and to forgive  ourselves and others. God’s grace is with us as we deal with life disappointments (health, finances, career) … Read More

God’s Grace

John Newton, author and song writer, Amazing Grace,  lived the lyrics and witnessed God’s amazing grace. During his childhood, his mother died. John was captured by gang of navy officers to serve on a ship, In his early twenty he became a rebellious person. Later on in his life, he re-established his relationship with God during a shipwreck. From the … Read More