We enjoy fitting our last year’s clothes comfortably. As we approach Christmas, we want a room to enjoy our holiday meal and especially desserts. Let us make preparation time to slim and trim our spiritual, soul, and physical waistlines.   https://youtu.be/CbXlm2dM1r4 Please like, share, and subscribe   On your wellness journey, would you like to transition from an unhealthy lifestyle … Read More

You Can Do It!

We know that exercising is essential to our mental and physical wellbeing; however, we are not motivated to workout.  What will motivate you to partake in a daily exercise ritual?  Let’s look at the list below, and pick a couple of them for our daily motivators.   Health Benefits of aerobics-weight loss, energizer, disease prevention, and family fun. Social activity-family … Read More


    It is Monday. It is time to twist our thought while we lunge into the productive week ahead. Let us stay active and in shape as we face masks through this week and endure or handle plans and unexpected circumstances. Let us try this strengthening, sculpting, and toning movement.   Facing sideways, hands at your side, shoulder relaxed … Read More


Are you entering or in a wellness season that needs a transformation boost? Our Transformation book club offers keys to transformation – body, soul and spirit. The transformation process will incorporate weekly Scriptures readings, holistic tips, simple, accessible aerobic movements, strength endurance techniques, suggested healthcare guidance, and ongoing wisdom and knowledge on how to maintain spirit, soul, and physical healthcare. … Read More

Energy Break

      Today try to incorporate some fitness into your daily activities. Chair Squat/March around Your Chair 1 Stand in front of your chair. 2. Feet are shoulder-width apart. 3 Contract your abs and keep them tight. 4. Push your rear end out towards the chair. 5. Bend your knees and slowly squat towards the chair. 6. Push through … Read More

Leg Care

Let’s take a quick 5-minute break to strengthen our legs. Stand behind a sturdy chair. Turn your body left. Place your right hand on the chair. Feet together. Toes pointing forward. Relax your shoulders. Standing in neutral alignment. Slowly lift your left leg up. You can place your foot on your ankle. If you are comfortable, lift up and place … Read More

Warrior Pose

At times in our lives we have to fight to a good fight of faith. There is a yoga move called Warrior One Pose, that strengthen, relax, energize, and equip our physical body for engaging in life circumstances. We equip our soul and spirit through praying and declaring God’s promises over us and throughout the day. To get a visual … Read More

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Celebrate by Exercising Men and women who exercise are less frustrated, not dealing with chronic diseases, walk in self-confidence, have a strong immune system, and able to contour attack depression. Physical activity offers the following health-related benefits: reduce the risk of illnesses, improve mental sharpness, offers positive outlook on life, increases energy level, keeps one independent, reduces … Read More

Keep Moving

Entering back into the new norm requires us to let go of the temporarily sedentary lifestyle we might have engaged in during confinement. Our daily activity we incorporate more cardiovascular movements, strength training, and thinking fast on our feet. We will have to stay energize and active. We must maintain an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Each day brings about … Read More

Cardiorespiratory Endurance

If I can just make it through this event, internally, we sometimes hear ourselves saying this. In order to maintain our overall health and well-being, we must include the daily implementation of aerobic activities of our personal preference. When starting off, we can try it for fifteen minutes. Eventually, our aerobic duration should be 30-60 minutes, incorporated with resistance training. … Read More