Family Fun Sibling Exercising: Ab Work-out

This weekend let us engage in fun fitness with our biological or adopted (spiritual or physical) brothers’ and sisters’ family members. Our goal is to challenge our self and siblings; fitness level while stimulating our minds. This will allow each family member to enhance our/their mental awareness, thinking abilities, fitness skills, and family unity. Also, we will creatively strengthen, tone, … Read More

Family Fun

It is the weekend and time for some family fun. Engaging in family fun means having fun, enjoying each other’s company without being judgmental, controlling, and operating from a competitive spirit. Family fun simply proclaims, we are family, we appreciate and respect each other’s uniqueness. Most of all it means that we are here to celebrate another day on earth … Read More

Family: Mindfulness

This weekend as we spend time with love ones, let us be mindful of their weekend plans, personalities, attitudes, preferences, emotional states, and lifestyles challenges. We can practice family mindfulness by: Making sure we are rested and taking care of our personal needs before interacting with family. Making sure we are willing to love, respect, and appreciate each family member … Read More