Family Sanity

During the confinement time we are interacting with loved ones that we live with. Some of us might ask “Why can’t we all get along”? Where we had the blessing of sending our children to school, parents to adult services, and left our pets at home, for now those luxuries are on hold. If we have jobs that we love … Read More

Family Gathering

During this time of cleansing while waiting/hoping for the confinement period to end, we can engage in so much needed family time. We must be cautious that we are interacting with loved ones according to healthful healthcare tips. Make sure when verbally communicating with others, we are not verbally vomiting words of gossip, backbiting, belittling, and self-shame/guilt. If we are … Read More

Family: Holiday Activities

How can we keep peace, unity, and excitement during our families’ holiday gatherings? This time of the year, we will be engaging in creative or traditional family gatherings. As we are serving each other in Christian love versus selfish love, let us remember that each one of us were made in His image which does not have to agree with … Read More

Family: Weekend

The week end is here. We will use this time to be a part of a group, which we call and claim as our family. During this time, we will engage in activities that will motivate, encourage, and illustrate God’s Love. How? We will remember that the week end to us means: W-Willing to love and accept others as they … Read More

Soul-Searching Before Family Gathering

This means we must ask God to give us courage to engage in soul-searching. This cleansing process will allow us to accept and change some self-made habits that are not glorifying to God. Our view of self must include Extending grace to ourselves as Christ does Repenting of self-contempt Replacing judgment with forgivenss   Galatians 3:219-21 the Message “What actually … Read More

Family Reunion

elderly couple on a bike

Wow!! It is that time of year, for family gatherings. Another way of saying this is, this is an occasion when many members of an extended family (biological, adopted, or spiritual)congregate. While we take this time to enjoy being ourselves, sharing our opinions, eating food, and offering our athletic and verbal skills, let us not forget to take the time … Read More