Family: Mindfulness

This weekend as we spend time with love ones, let us be mindful of their weekend plans, personalities, attitudes, preferences, emotional states, and lifestyles challenges. We can practice family mindfulness by: Making sure we are rested and taking care of our personal needs before interacting with family. Making sure we are willing to love, respect, and appreciate each family member … Read More

Vacation Packing

elderly couple on a bike

Wow!!! It is time to start packing for your family vacation. You are so excited because the whole family is going: husband, two daughters, two sons, the dog, and yourself. You want to make sure that all essential items are packed (physical and spiritual neccesitites). Why not create a packing checklist? Physical Packing List: Clothings Personal hygiene Hair products Shoes … Read More

Musical Chairs

single red chair amongst white chairs

Musical chairs is a fun game; yet, it can be challenging. As you play the game, you are always conscious that each time the music stops, a chair will be removed and one person will be left standing without a seat. The one standing is now out of the energizing game. Each day you as an adult or child, join … Read More