Family Fun

It is the weekend and time for some family fun. Engaging in family fun means having fun, enjoying each other’s company without being judgmental, controlling, and operating from a competitive spirit. Family fun simply proclaims, we are family, we appreciate and respect each other’s uniqueness. Most of all it means that we are here to celebrate another day on earth … Read More

Family Fitness

The weekend is here. It is time for family fun through fitness. We want to maintain healthy lifestyles within our families . Let us begin our family fitness with family prayer. During this time, we praise God, thank God, and petition God for our family needs. Next, we engage in aerobic movements. Aerobic Movements • Breathe, inhale, exhale. • Put … Read More

Family Game; Active Listening

elderly couple on a bike

It is family time. Yahoo!! Let us play a game that will develop our listening skills. We will call the Game Can You Lend Me Your Ear? One person will read off the various questions within a certain time period ( one or two minutes). One person will be the timer. Everyone else will be active listeners and take turns … Read More