Suicide Why? Part One

When we hear through media or are informed that someone we knew or did not know committed suicide we ask ourselves why?
Only God and the person who committed suicide knew what health challenges and or stressors created an experience of hopelessness and despair within that moment of their lifestyles. There are two factors we can look at that may have caused the person to believe that suicide was the best answer to his or her problem at that time. The two factors are: desire to die and the ability to take his or her own life. This evening we will review factor one: desire to die.
We know that God has the authority to give and take life. “The LORD brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up” (1 Samuel 2:6 NIV).
Yet, many find themselves operating under the suicide factor desiring to die. Why?
They perceived themselves as burdens to society, family members, and others. The reasons that they think that way maybe because of their mental illnesses, chronic physical illnesses, and relationships problems. Since they see themselves as burdensome, their thought process is that they can not contribute to society because of their condition. Also, they perceived themselves as hindering others (who are taking care of them) from pursuing and performing their missions and life purposes.
As survivals, we may ask ourselves, was or is suicide a selfish choice? We might say yes; however, to the person who committed suicide he or she may respond that it was not a selfish act. The person might have believed that he or she was removing a burden(him/herself) from the world.
Remember, to God no one is a burden. As children of God, we know that mindframe is not of God. We know that we have no right to judge others, since we are walking in God’s grace.