Stress Handlers Part A


Yes, stress enters all of our daily activities. We are not concern about when stress arrives; however, we are concern about how we select to handle stress. Here are some suggestions. Remember before you include new stress release activities check with your Spiritual Physician (SP) and your Medical Physician (MP).

Exercise-a good way to release stress while relaxing our bodies and mind.

Taking muscle-relaxing breaks throughout the day- stretching or getting a massage.

Deep Breathing-take the time inhale and exhale while relaxing your eyes, mind, and physical moment. This will give you a chance to play some soothing music.

Eating Healthy-90% of your food intake from a balanced diet (fruit, vegetables, whole grain, and lean protein). 10% can cater to desserts, snacks we will engage in during social events, or food we like that we know are not healthy.

What are your thoughts?


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