Stay Physical Active

With the germ bug circulating, we need to maintain healthy and active lifestyles. Let us visually see exercise as a form of me-time. During our me-time we can enjoy sleeping. This means making sure we relax our mind and avoid laying down with negative and hurtful thoughts. Let us make sure we schedule and stick to our personalize sleep routine. Please take the time to wind down before sleeping. This will permit us to calm our minds and bodies while eliminate negative distractions. Next, let us move, move and move some more through cardiovascular activities of our choice. How? We can walk more (make sure we are keeping the 6ft distance rule), engage in at home work-out or enter the zoom room fitness programs. This will allow us to Zumba through our house choices, jump rope away anger, and ballroom dance away frustrations. Third, eat healthy. Yes, at times it your favorite dessert being mindful of 90% eat healthy and 10% junk food. This will help us maintain our energy level and deal with trails and tribulations that enter our health zone. Let enter the challenge arena of making one healthy food choice to boost our metabolism,

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