Stress is everywhere within our personal and professional lifestyles. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring can open the door to fear of health issues, no money, bills due, and remaining in either negative mental, emotional, physical confinement due to health challenges, family emergencies, sudden loss of employment or customers, or short-term or long-term lifestyle pivot. Let us assist you with developing or maintaining inner and outward, wholistic serenity through the following mental health consultation:

Mini Health

30 minute (within a virtual session) of encouraging, energizing, educational and fun, creative simple movements. This will enhance one’s wellbeing and healthcare in order for you to be effective, efficient, and productive within their personal and professional life challenges.
Topic: Inner Peace/Outward Calmness
May 16, 2020, Saturday at 11:00 AM.


1 hour (within a virtual session) of informative knowledge on handling mental and emotional stressors along with meditation exercises and Tai-chi movements to strengthen one’s inner spirit as well as physical endurance levels.
Topic: Transformation
May 16, 2020, Saturday at 12 Noon.

Looking for to virtually adventuring with through your wholistic journey.