Our overall wellness fitness health goal is to enhance companies’ productivity, customer relations, and students’ academic success. We offer the following services:


Our virtual services consist of but are not limited too: ongoing workshops, lectures, retreats, and mini lunch bags. This virtual service helps resolve the company’s employee/staff lack of movements, low-moral, and lower absentee rates related to physical, mental, and emotional sick leaves.

550/1-25 45minutes 4weeks

College Lifestyle

We are offering coaching sessions within a safe environment. The session will be within a group discussion. The topic will cater to the needs of the students in the areas of wellness, fitness, and lifestyle choices. The coaching goals are centered on identifying academic hindrances and the effects on the students, spirit, soul, and body. The session length will vary ( 6-12 weeks.); however, the session times will not exceed 1 ½ hour.

Number of Students

1-25 50.00 6-12 weeks
25 and more 25.00

Looking for to virtually adventuring with through your wholistic journey.