Our mission offers all population complete wellness from head to toe through God’s Dimension of Wellness.

 The biblically-based Seven Dimension of Wellness are as follows:

Spiritual Wellness

  • Establishing peace and harmony within one’s lifestyle through one’s connection and interactions with Scriptures, God’s Blueprint for His Disciples.
  • This will motivate, and illustrate God’s Health and Wellness plan.
  • We will be educating and revealing the Bible’s context of health and wellness, wholeness within one’s spirit

Emotional Wellness

  • Helping you to understand the Biblical ABC of emotional discipline
  • The ability to understand to understand ourselves, cope with our emotional feelings as we interact with others and situations.
  • Dealing with the what and why do I feel the way I do.
  • Emotion are they good or bad, from God or Devil.

Mental Wellness

  • Referencing the Bible to how one’s state of well-being in which a person realizes his or her own abilities to cope with normal and abnormal stress of life.
  • How to be productive and fruitful within one’s vocation, career, family life, church ministry and community while going through various seasons of life challenges.

Intellectual Wellness

  • Learning how to utilize learning resources to gain knowledge and improve skills in order to experience life more fully according to God’s Word.
  • Understanding the need to enhance one’s mind through scholastic, cultural and community activities.
  • Pros and cons of continue education, certification in relation to God’s will for one’s life.

Occupational Wellness

  • Personal fulfillment of one’s career choice glorifies God.
  • Accepting and making a Christ-like impact within the selective career field.
  • Knowing God’s specific goal within our career choices

Physical Wellness

  • Bible’s wisdom on our physical body representing and glorifying God.
  • Recognizing how our behavior has a significant impact on our physical wellness and healthy habits
  • Important of adapting healthful habits (routine check-up, balanced diet, strength training, cardiovascular, rest and relaxation, stretching.
  • Understanding the need to avoid destructive habits (drugs, sexual sins, alcohol, hatred, and forgiveness).

Musical Therapy

  • How the bible reveal wellness through music.
  • Music heals one’s soul.
  • Music is linked to balancing mood swings
  • Music effects using different types of neurological situations.

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