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Spiritual Healthcare™

To journey with the company, group or organization as they establish peace, unity, and harmony within their lifestyles through their connections and interactions within their belief systems. We will provide the employees with health and wellness awareness and wholeness within their spirits as they continue to be productive employees and family members.

Soul Healthcare ™

To journey with the staffs and employees as they comprehend that soul care is essential for inner healthcare maintenance regardless of their faith base. Help them to understand themselves, cope with their emotional feelings as they interact with others and situations as they deal with the what and why do I feel the way I do. Mental health sessions relate to how they can be productive and fruitful within their vocations, careers, schools, social interactions, family lives, church ministry and community wellbeing while going through various seasons of life challenges. Help the staff, volunteers, employees to understand the need to enhance their minds through scholastic, cultural, and community activities to be able to provide quality services within their sales industries. Also, the therapeutic intellectual counseling sessions will help them to learn how to utilize a learning resource to gain knowledge and improve skills in order to experience life more fully and to enhance their employers’ core values with integrity, empathy and effectively serve their clientele.

Physical Healthcare ™

The therapeutic sessions will illustrate how their lifestyle choices affects their physical appearance, wellbeing, and productivity. This will help the employees to comprehend how their behavior has a significant impact on their physical wellness, healthy habits, and work performances. The physical healthcare sessions will help the staff members to understand the importance of adapting healthy habits (routine check-up, balanced diet, strength training, cardiovascular, rest and relaxation, stretching). Finally, to empathically and compassionately help the employees to understand the need to avoid destructive habits such as drugs, sexual misbehaviors, alcoholism, hatred, and unforgiveness which can lead to low morale, loss of sales, slow job performance, poor production, and missed promotions.

Musical Therapy ™

Through anointed inspirational songs and movements, our musical therapist, motivates and encourages employees and staff members through their emotional, physical, cognitive and social wellbeing challenges.

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