On our daily journeys we start off full of zeal, determination, and self-confidence. As we enter the endurance zone, we battle with self-defeating thoughts, with feelings of anxiety, and with listening to others’ suggestions, opinions, and negative feedbacks about our lifestyle choices. When we start to feel life’s; pressures or to engage in self-inflicted or others’ inflicted viewpoints about our dreams and goals it is time to enter the Serenity Zone.
Serenity is defined as “the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled” by Synonyms are calm peacefulness, quietness, restfulness, stillness, or tranquility. Finding our Serenity Place is a personal preference; therefore, we need to check with our Spiritual Physician (SP), locate our quiet/retreat place, and schedule the much-needed time to retreat into serenity. After realizing and accepting that serenity is not a luxury it is a priority, we can appreciate the healthcare choices provided through serenity. It promotes personal and professional growth since it provides ongoing opportunities for self-evaluation through soul searching, mind meditation, and physical maintenance. This provides an opportunity for self-exploration and self-understanding and restores energy. A serenity break helps us to pull away from our role identifiers (mother, father, wife, husband, friend, daughter, son, student, employer, employee, coach, co-worker, etc.) and responsibilities. This will permit us to examine our lifestyle in the areas of happiness, unhappiness, satisfied, dissatisfied, (decisions). It will help us in noticing the areas we need to grow in. Also, serenity time helps us to recognize people places and things we need to maintain, connect or disconnect from our current healthcare season.
My wife and I engaged in family serenity last week on our date night at Edgewater Park.

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