Self-Care Strategy 1

“And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22: 39 NIV).
Before we can respect, appreciate, and love others, we must respect, appreciate, and love ourselves.
Simply stated we must take the time out to take care of ourselves first in order to help others. If we are burned out, we cannot motivate, encourage, or serve others.
Throughout the Scriptures we visually see our Lord and Savior’s ministry was productive and His personal healthcare strategies. Jesus healed many (Mark 1: 29-34). Also, Jesus took time out to pray in a solitary place (Mark 1: 35-39).
As we meditate over the idea of self-care, let us remember and be mindful, that our earthly ministries require us to maintain a healthy lifestyle, if we plan on running our Christian race in such a way that will glorify God, and serve our purpose.
Wellness nourishment involves physical activities, plenty of sleep, social connections, prayers, and ongoing Bible study.