Ring the Bells Against Self-Destruction

Freedom from self-destruction depends upon our responses and reactions to unhealthy relationships, jealous co-workers, and financial difficulties.  We can overcome self-destruction by identifying and admitting negative behavior patterns.

Self-destruction patterns:

Self-harm-are we cutting, picking, hitting/punching, scratching, or pulling our hair?

Compulsions-are we gambling, overeating, using substance engaging in risky sex, or shopping excessively?

Neglect- are we not paying attention to your needs, not keeping or schedule annual physical (health care), refusing help?

Thoughts- are we allowing our behaviors to cause psychological harm?

People co-dependency- are we being overly needy, denying responsibility, and allowing others to treat you poorly?

After realizing and acknowledging that there is a pattern we are ready to move forward into understanding why we engage in self-destructive patterns.


Ring the Bell Against Self-Destruction by listening to Byron Weems’s music video on Youtube called Ring The Bells.

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“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).