CEO, Wonderfully Made Inc.,

I have a passion for the field of health and wellness. My journey began at the young age of 12 when neighborhood friends and family members declared me the fitness instructor at the daycare center my parents owned in Cleveland, Ohio. When the kids came in, we started our mornings off doing laps, jumping jacks, and push-ups.

I have a double major degree in Business Administration and in Health and Fitness. I also have a Master’s degree in Art and Religion along with a Master of Divinity in Professionalism. I have a Wellness, Doctorate in Ministry. Through God’s grace I received a Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and Leadership, May, 2019 My Final ascent in education was becoming a Certified Life-Coach in April, 2021.

While pursuing double majors in undergraduate studies, I have taught aerobics classes, and gave health and fitness presentations at Cleveland area fitness centers. I also provided services to Girl Scout events, Cleveland Clinic’s fitness facilities, Health Expression and the Cleveland Public School System. I hold several certifications including the American College of Sports Medicine, the Aerobic Fitness Association of America, and the Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX.

I currently carry the distinction of Distinguished Presenter in public speaking from Toastmasters International. I have been seen on local TV, written for Cleveland Clinic’s Today’s Daily Dose, The Health Hub Blog, as well as contributed to the YouBeauty web site, The List (Channel Five) and other national publications. One of my greatest achievements however, was to find time to author my first wellness book called Fun Fitness: Living a healthy lifestyle and having fun.

Through my travels and 30 years of experience, I have developed a mantra that I share that states, “Getting fit is about learning to love, respect, and appreciate you. Sometimes you fall, and that’s ok!” Now, as a licensed Pastor/Minister, I am determined to maintain a healthy lifestyle, preach the Gospel through fitness, and educate and train others how to live a life of wellness based on biblical doctrine