Renal Diet

Health care is a necessity during this season. The focus has been on COVID-19: however, kidney failure has been on the rise. It is noticeable within the minority community. One wellness component we have control over is food choices.


The renal diet has food restrictions. Kidney disease is running rapport among minority groups, persons who have been on cholesterol and high blood pressure medication, and uncontrolled sugar.

You can eat apples since they are loaded with fibers. Cabbage is rich in phytochemical which protects against cell damages from free radicals. Cranberries are tasty and this fruit fights against urinary infractions and prevents bacteria from attacking the stomach and the bladder’s walls.

Please make sure you are keeping your medical appointments and monitoring your food choices and daily medicine intake

Please Note: If you are dealing with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart issue, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergy, sinus) you may be taken medication that lists various side effects, vitamin deficiency, and elimination of certain foods. Please check with your SP and MP before changing eating habits, adding vitamin supplementation, fluid intake, and initiate an exercise plan.

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