Relinquish Control

Is it one of those days where we would rather have stayed in bed? We would rather let someone else take responsibilities for our decisions, food choices, and spending patterns. Have we reached our capacity limit for being patience with others, listening to their conversation rooted upon themselves? Better yet, have we decided to give them a piece of our limited mind?
Before we relinquish control of our right to make our own decisions and choices, let us “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” (Matthew 6:33a). This can be done by checking our wholistic healthcare boundaries.
First, did we spend quality and quantity time with God, before we started our daily agenda?
Second, do we need to make a decision? Does this involve a lifestyle choice (self)or are we trying to implement our will into someone else daily agenda?
Third, did we get the proper amount of rest, nutrition, and physical exercise for our daily encounters?
Now we are ready to take and keep control of our wholistic lifestyle (spirit, soul, and body) interactions, and daily choices.
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