Alcohol and Drug Abuse

State: Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health-ADAMHS (Cleveland), Oho
Overview: ADAMHS board of Cuyahoga County provides funding, planning, and monitoring for the addiction and mental health services for Cuyahoga County’s residents. Also, it offers the following 24-hour crisis assistants: suicide prevention, mental health and addictions.
Telephone: (216) 623-6888

State: Ohio Addiction Recovery Center, Ohio
Overview: The Ohio Addiction Recovery Center uses a clinical approach to provide treatment to its patients. These experience and compassionate experts’ teaching tools and strategies help their patients navigate and overcome behaviors patterns that keep them from achieving abstinence and being able to proclaim that they have been alcohol free, long term.
Telephone: (614) 362-7663

National: National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD)
Overview: NCADD’s alcoholism and addiction support services help people who are struggling with alcoholism and addictions to take the recovery steps needed to help them live healthier and more productive lifestyles.
Telephone: (949)-595-2288


State: KAZ Radio Broadcasting, Ohio
Overview: Kaz Radio broadcasts its programmes decorate its playlists for a socially and culturally diverse audience. In addition to the broadcast of a variety of information and entertainment programmes, Kaz Radio broadcasts diverse local productions. Their productions and information-based programs contains such as current affairs, culinary, cultural, entertainment and sports fields.
Telephone: 1-216-212-1925


State: Clothing Assistance Children and Family, Cleveland Ohio
Overview: This division of family and children services provides children protections from abusive situations while improving children’s lifestyle by giving them clothing and healthcare.
Telephone: (216) 631-6434

State: Laura’s Home (women), Cleveland Ohio
Overview: An inner-city crisis home for women who are dealing with economic hardships due to abusive relationships, unemployment, or criminal histories. The ministry offers women clothing, shelter, and job training skills.
Telephone: (216) 431-3510

State: The City Mission (Individual), Cleveland Ohio
Overview: This ministry uses its Christlike organizational strategies to help individuals to transition from a low self-esteem identity, poverty income level, and possible former inmate into a self-confident and a self-supportive individuals.
Telephone: (216) 431-3510

State: Crisis Assistance Ministry Cleveland Ohio
Overview: This ministry supplies donated clothes, shoes, and household items to individuals at no charge. The individual must provide the following information in order to receive the products: photo ID, social security document, W2 form, or recent paystub.
Telephone: (704) 371-3001

National: Volunteers of America
Overview: The Volunteers of America are dedicated to helping people rebuild their lives by offering the following human service programs: clothing, housing, and healthcare.
Telephone: (703) 341-5000

Death and Hospice

State: Hospice Reserve Cleveland Ohio
Overview: Western Reserve is a community-based grief service support program that assists the bereaved through the person’s end-of-life journey and their family members through the grief recovery process.
Telephone: (216) 383-2222

Financial Assistance

State: YMCA of Greater Cleveland, Ohio
Overview: Based on a sliding fee scale, the YMCA’s Financial Scholarship programs assist adults who are unemployed, divorcees going through financial hardships, persons who are overwhelmed by medical debt, and persons who are on a fixed income pay their living expenses.
Telephone: (216) 344-7700

State: United Way 2-2-2 Greater Cleveland, Ohio
Overview: United Way help center provides 24 hours access with professional financial advocates who compassionately offer various income options for persons having financial hardships.

State: Ohio Assistance Program, Ohio
Overview: This program allows a resident can obtain a grant, and assistance to pay bills, rent, mortgage. Also offers assistance with foreclosure prevention, and childcare expenses.
Telephone: (216) 696-9077 The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland

National: USA Gov.
Overview: The government has a program that offer temporally financial assistance to pay the phone bill, medical bill, home energy bill, and welfare assistance to persons dealing with financial hardships.
Telephone: (844) 872-4681


State: Harvest for Hunger in Cleveland, Ohio
Overview: This center offers to its local residents a community-wide food bank in times of hunger crisis.
Telephone: (216) 738-2265

State: Feast and Famine the Global Food, Ohio/Global
Overview: This organization supplies nutritionist food to the hungry in order to reduce obesity rate and starvation.
Address: The Ohio State University, 106 Dulles Hall, 230 Annie, and John Glenn Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

National: Care Fighting Poverty and World Hunger
Overview: The Care Fighting Poverty and World Hunger service (worldwide) over 81 million people in need of food nourishments, provides legal harassment services to women within violent situations, and encourages foreign students through corresponding letters of hope.
Telephone: (800) 422-7385

Haircare Specialist

State: International/station based Star Beauty Plus 20900 Libby Rd, Maple Heights, OH 44137
Overview: Tootie, The Master Stylist, a personalized professional hair healthcare specialist whose compassion is to educate others on unique and proper hair care. She specialize hair care cleansing, styling, growth, and maintenance through the following educational lectures, podcast, workshops online/ or in-person sessions to:
entrepreneur, Brand Ambassador, Traveling Artist, Platform Artist, Educator, Weave Specialist, 1 on1 Training, Wedding Parties, Harishow Entertainment, etc.
Instagram: TouchBytootie
Facebook: TootieTheMasterstylist
Telephone: 1-517-574-0567

State: Salon Loft, Beachwood Ohio, Loft No 18.
Overview: Robin Nicole is a Paul Mitchell trained stylist and colorist. I am a haircare specialist focusing on the health and integrity of hair. I specialize in silk presses, hair color, haircutting, and steam treatments with aloe vera, castor oil, and coconut oil. Steam treatments decrease inflammation of the scalp and promote a healthier scalp environment which increases hair growth. I uphold professionalism and customer service to the highest standard.
Website: Email:
Telephone: 1-216.316.0282

Local: Reverence Design Team, Cleveland Hts. Oho
Overview: The Reverence Design Team’s reputation has been steadily built over the years by putting the needs of the client’s hair, skin and nails first. Long before organic, sulfate free, and essential oils were the latest buzz words, trends and hashtags, RDT was committed to using only the best in hair care. We deliberately select products from companies who use the latest in nano-technology, food grade, essential oils, plant and flower technology.
Telephone: 1-216-321-1101


State: Crisis Health Service Cleveland, Ohio
Overview: This healthcare center offers real care and real hope to residents within its community during their times of healthcare crisis. It provides high quality wellness and medical care to families and individual regardless of their income status.
Telephone: 216-325-WELL

National: National Disaster Medical Center
Overview: Health professionals within this center provide protective health and augment healthcare to anyone when disasters strikes (e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, floods, and earthquakes).
Address: 200 Independence Avenue, S.W. Room 638G
Washington, D.C. 20201

Health and Wellness Organizations/Educators

National: Christian Aerobic Association/FaithfullyFit.
Overview: Dr. Donna Clemons serves as the Department Chair of Kinesiology & Exercise Science at Faulkner University. She is also president of a national fitness ministry called Christian Aerobic Resource/Faithfullyfit! For over fifty years this leading company that supplies Christian based programming materials and training through workshops, conferences, online programs and sales via phone or website for fitness ministries. With experience, expertise, a well-trained staff and over 23,000 customers in the United States and twenty foreign countries, Christian Aerobic Resource is recognized world-wide for their excellent products and dedication to ministry through fitness.
Website: Telephone: (800) 650-9908

National: Praise Moves/Certified Health Coach Institute and Personalized transformation programs.
Overview: Dr. Laurette Willis, CLC, CHC, M. Div., Th.D., is the owner and founder. The Praise Moves is the Christian Alternative to Yoga with Classes *Instant Access* Workouts and 100s of Certified Praise Moves instructors worldwide and offer certification for interested instructors. ~ A CHC from a Biblical Worldview featuring the work of Dr. Jordan Rubin (author of The Maker’s Diet). – 3 Simple Shifts to Fulfill the Call on Your Life ~ The Personal Transformation Program to Renew the Mind AND Retrain the Brain. – The 1st Character Education/Fitness Curriculum for the Classroom (PK through 8th Grade).


State: Laura’s Home (women) and The City Mission (men), Cleveland, Ohio
Overview: This non-profit organization illustrates God’s love by providing housing for men and women throughout the inner city of Cleveland.
Telephone: (216) 431-3510

State: Ohio Development Services Agency, Ohio
Overview: This Homeless Crisis Response program was implemented in 2012 to meet the needs of the homeless persons within Ohio. They provide shelter during the following emergency crisis: flood, fire, and hurricane.
Telephone: (614) 466-2285

National: American Red Cross
Overview: This team of volunteer workers provide housing support relief during crisis situations and assist with ongoing changing needs of the persons in crisis until they are able to maintain their own living conditions.
Telephone: (800) 733-2767

Immigration and Naturalization Service
State: Citizen, Naturalization & Immigrations Services, Ohio
Overview: This global connection a networking connection area where international newcomers can engage in economic and social opportunities.
Telephone: (216) 472-3282

State: USA.Gov-U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (Ohio)

Overview: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services efficiently and fairly adjudicate the immigrations’ benefit request while honoring, protecting, and securing Americans’ homeland.
Telephone: (800) 375-5283

National: USA.Gov-U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
Overview: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services efficiently and fairly adjudicate the immigrations’ benefit request while honoring, protecting, and securing Americans’ homeland.
Telephone: (800) 375-5283

Legal Services

State: Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Ohio
Overview: Legal Aid, which was established in 1905, offers low-income and vulnerable persons legal aid to resolve basic needs cases: domestic violence, healthcare, foreclosure, housing, immigrations, racism, sexism, and discrimination.
Telephone: (216) 861-5955

State: Ohio Legal Aid
Overview: The purpose for the collaboration of the nine-legal aid organization is to help Ohioans achieve justice for themselves and their families. This legal system provides a voice at no cost for those who are receiving unfair justice in the areas of education, jobs, housing, and medical coverage.
Telephone: (866) 529-6446

Life Coaching

State: A Journey Full of Health, LLC, Ohio
Overview: Bianca Thomas-Veal, owner and founder of A Journey Full of Health, LLC is a life coach, public speaking, faith blogger-artist. Her passion is to help young adults reach their potential and sustain their success. This holistic education uplifts young professional to thrive from insight gained and tangible tools.

Marital Relational Issues

State: The Church on the North Coast (CNC), Ohio
Overview: CNC is a family community church that support longevity of marriage union. Its Christlike center marriage counseling sessions are rooted upon biblical doctrine. The sessions assist the person and his or her spouse on locating and acknowledging the areas of marital conflict in which they need God’s guidance.
Telephone: (440) 960-1100

National: PhiDex Enterprise LLC.
Overview: It is an international certified licensed prepared with enriched facilitators who prepare married, engaged, and dating couples for brilliant healthy and sustainable relationship according to biblical doctrine.
Telephone: (877) 864-8141

National: Family Life
Overview: Biblical counselors use multiple resources to motivate and encourage marriages and families to build and maintain healthy and strong homes and communities.
Telephone: (800) 358-6329

Mental Health

Local: ADAMHS-Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health (Cleveland)
Overview: ADAMHS board of Cuyahoga County provides funding, planning, and monitoring for the addiction and mental health services for Cuyahoga County’s residents. Also, it offers the following 24-hour crisis assistants: suicide prevention, mental health and addictions.
Telephone: (216) 241-3400

Local: Murtis Taylor Human Service System (Cleveland)
Overview: Murtis Taylor Human Service is a community center. Its qualified clinician offers mental health diagnostic assessments, personalized treatment plans, psychiatric medical assessments, and psychotherapy counseling to Cleveland’s resident (free of charge).
Telephone: (216) 283-4400

State: Community Mental Healthcare (Ohio)
Overview: With 45 plus years of experience, Community Mental Healthcare offers comprehensive treatments (suicide prevention, anxiety, depression, behavior illnesses, drug addiction, and child and couple therapy to the residents within the community).
Telephone: (330) 343-6631

National: Volunteer Behavior Health
Overview: Behavior Health professional collaboratively service individuals, families and communities with mental health prevention and recovery treatments for its community residents. The organization promotes behavioral health.
Telephone: (800) 704-2651

State: North-East Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, (NEON), Ohio
Overview: Behavioral Health Providers work with individuals, families, couples, adults, adolescents, and children. At the first appointment, you will complete an evaluation with a behavioral health provider. This evaluation is used to identify what the patient’s needs are as well as design a treatment plan to reach the patient’s goals for change. Follow-up sessions will help to track progress and cope with some of the difficulties that arise from figuring out a new way of doing things. Medication is not always necessary; however, coordination of care can be handled between your Medical and Behavioral Health providers in such instances.
Telephone: 1-216-231-7700 ext. 1097.


State: Cleveland Pregnancy Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Overview: The women and family members throughout the Cleveland area can receive hope, healing, support, and free healthcare services during their plan or unplanned pregnancies.
Telephone: (216) 631-0964

State: CareNet Pregnancy in Ohio
Overview: This center offers pregnant women faith-based information about pregnancy options, free pregnancy tests, and post-decision nonjudgmental support.
Telephone: (216) 631-0964 /(330) 455-7500

State: North East Ohio Neighborhood Health Services, Inc. Ohio
Overview: COMPREHENSIVE Perinatal Care Program (CPCP); This program is the core of the enabling social services that NEON provides. The program is staffed with four licensed social workers and one health educator. The primary function is to support the patient in a comprehensive manner to enhance the outcome for delivering a healthy baby.
Website: Telephone: 216-231-7700 ext. 1014

National: CareNet Pregnancy
Overview: This center offers pregnant women faith-based information about pregnancy options, free pregnancy tests, and post-decision nonjudgmental support.
Telephone: (216) 631-0964/ (703) 554-8734