Reclaim Your Health


Yes, we are told daily, take charge of your healthcare. Facebook offers numerous persons giving exercise tips, recipes, and weight loss options. Instagram gives visual delicious photos of various healthy and unhealthy foods. Our physicians remind us to watch our body fat, blood pressure, and cholesterol level.
Yet, we still seem to be fighting, battling, and warning against unhealthy lifestyle choices. How do we reclaim our health?
It begins with will power that is rooted in self-control. We have to take responsibility for our lifestyles’ choices. We can no longer hide behind our verbal proclamations that the devil made me do it. I had to eat the dessert at work to keep my job. My mother makes me eat all the food on my plate, including 2 plates of cake. I just cannot resist chocolate.
We have to move forward and walk under the anointing of self-control. The first step is to admit we can not have confidence in being able to control ourselves by ourselves, we need God’s grace. Next, we must admit that we are having problems within certain areas of our lifestyles: food choice, lack of fitness, emotional challenges, or people distraction. Third, we must tell God about our situation and seek His guidance on the solution. Fourth, after clearing discerning God’s answer to our situation, move forward with His guidance. Fifth, forgive ourselves, let go of the past failures and seek God’s confidence and reassurance that we are healed, delivered and more than a conqueror in Christ.
“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us” (Romans 8:37).

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