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Men’s and women’s aging do not mean the same as aging well. Age maturity brings with it brain development. The neurology of aging for men means dealing with the intellectual process, men’s ego, wanted and unwanted relationships. Women, on the other hand, neurology of aging means dealing with termination of menstrual cycles, self-perception of her physical appearance, and re-evaluation of family goals dependency. Both must engage in a reality check in relation to career retirement, sexual intimacy, healthcare, mortality, grief and loss of loved ones, and emotional challenges. This stage of life will vary and depend upon the individual person’s responses and actions to his or her selective lifestyle choices, unforeseen circumstances, and response to others’ decisions and reaction to their environment and relationship with the person going through a midlife crisis.
This is where stress management is vital to the survival of the man or woman entering or going through a midlife crisis. Stress can be cope with using numerous outlets. Each person must select various techniques that blend in with his or her lifestyle. The remedy must take into consideration of the two types of stressors: internal and external. Internal stressors are the way the individual uniquely responses to situations, people, and things. External stressors include economic downturns, workplace demands, relationship conflicts, divorce, marriage, deaf and health issues. Some stress relievers are exercise, meditation, rest, vacations, support groups, pets, music, yoga, devotional prayer, Bible study, social gatherings, a nutrient-dense diet, acupuncture, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, nature walk, herbs and essential oils, and journaling. Remember it is ok to seek counseling as long as your SP and MP are in agreement with the idea.
Remember We are Set Free (Psychology) by Faith
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