Phone Stretch

Of course, we must take time to stretch during and after our important business, family, social, and friendship calls. This will help us to release tension found within face. We can do this through smiling, which will reveal God’s love for others through our facial expression.
A radiant smile will improve our facial muscles. We can practice in front of a mirror.
1. Keep our lips together.
2. Stretch the corners of your mouth laterally
3. Hold for 10 seconds.
4. Expand the lateral stretch and part your lips
5. Expose the edge of your teeth
6. Hold for 10 seconds.
7. Glorify God by smiling with our teeth showing.
8. Hold for ten seconds.
9. Now we are ready to go forth and bless others with our radiant smiles.
“Those who look to him are radiant, and their faces shall never be ashamed” (Psalm 34:5 ESV).