Past: Prayer Mirror

We can learn from yesterday’s blessings, disappointments, losses, and from our personal and professional accomplishments, setbacks, and detours. Looking back over yesterday’s answered and unanswered prayers, the question to ask ourselves is what was our prayer character? Are our lifestyle choices and curtain situation rooted upon our emotional prayers? What word choices did we use during our prayer time that produce Christlike results, selfish results, people pleasing results and bondages.
Our past prayer mirror is a brief reminder of the necessity to pray in faith according to our dreams, goals, and self-will to seek God’s goals for our future choices. It is not a bad/negative choice to meditate over our past prayer journal; however, it becomes burdensome when we decide to relive our past prayer journal, the comfort zone versus stepping out on our prayer faith.
Remember, our life survival is rooted upon our prayer breath.

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