Olive Oil

Our healthy food intake should include using fats and oils sparingly. We must keep in mind that not all fats and oils have equal weight: highly saturated and highly unsaturated. Olive oil has the following breakdown of fatty acids: Olive oil has 9% of Poly-unsaturated, has 72% of Mono-unsaturated, has 14% of Saturated and its fat ratio (unsaturated/saturated) is 5.8:1. Our goal with oil intake, rarely, is to make sure it is unsaturated as possible.
Suggestive tip on how to minimize our consumption of oils are as follows:
Read fool labels-help with cutting back on eating foods with coconut or palm kernel oil, and hydrogenation oils.
Heat cooking oils before adding foods-This will allow the food to sit in oil for a shorter time.
Stir-fry vegetables/meats-This permit us to cook food faster with fewer oils.

On the other hand, let us indulge spiritual oils (God’s word) continuously, since His word is highly saturated in unforeseen blessings.
“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path” (Psalms 119: 105).
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