New Year’s Commitment: Christlike-Forward

Each year we take the time out to initiate a New Year’s resolution. By spring, we do not remember, or we feel like failures for not being able or wanting to continue our beginning of the year New Year’s resolutions. As Believers in Christ, we should avoid declaring a New Year’s Resolution and decide to be led by the Holy Spirit and then choose the ongoing lifestyle path called Christlike-Forward. This New Year’s Commitment allows us to deal with daily challenges as we grow in God’s grace. Engaging in this Christlike-Forward path permits us to individually and collectively live within a wholistic balance, spirit, soul, and body.
We will be able to enhance our spiritual nutrition. We will continue to pray, praise, and worship the King of kings and Lord of lord. How? Each day we can enjoy whose we are, what we are becoming, and where God’s leadership takes us. We must continue to pray without ceasing, attentively listen to God for resolutions and solutions for our personal and professional decisions.
We will be able to in God’s grace control our emotional state. This will be ongoing challenges that will be overcome through the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimonies. We will continue to take control and responsibility for our mood swings. We will acknowledge the feelings, seek God for guidance on where and how to handle our thoughts and emotions, and let go of all hurtful and harmful feelings through prayer. We will make sure that we are not allowing our emotional state to cause others to feel sad, negative or enter a state of depression.
We will be able to allow our physical appearances to reflect that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made in His image” (Psalms 139:14). We will illustrate this through the following lifestyle choices:
Getting plenty of rest.
Practicing 90% to 10% nutrition rule. During the week, we will eat 90% of healthy foods: vegetables, fruits, whole wheat, grains, meats (boiled or baked) and take our multivitamins and supplements, which were approved by our Spiritual Physician (SP) and Medical Physician (MP). It is ok to engage in the 10% of eating desserts and foods we enjoy.
Staying active. Incorporate 2-3 day fitness exercises (aerobic, stretch, and strength training). We will include daily meditation, relaxing breaks, and stretch management exercises.
Me-time. This will allow us to enjoy doing hobbies, or activities that energizes and motivate us to pursue our dreams.
In summary, engaging in the ongoing commitment, Christlike-Forward, mandates us to continue to “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33).

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