Music: Face

The Face of Music

When defining the face, we visualize a part of a person’s head, which function is to reveal the person’s internal expressions and feelings outwardly.face On the other hand, the melody we hear, may give a visual image of our feelings. Therefore, the music note of your feelings are visual through your eyes.

The Eyes of Music

The face of music radiant through the Imaginary eyes of the instruments playing or lyrics. For example, the soft note of your voice reveals a peaceful and calm inner spirit; on the contrary, the loud, harsh note from your voice can reveal the following emotional responses: anger, fear, or sadness. In addition, the harmony of the string instruments uplifts your spirit. Also, the soothing sound produces an atmosphere of peace and serenity. Yet, the closing sound of cymbals combined with radiant drumbeat initiates energizing feelings. Therefore, the face of music is found within the harmonious notes, and zealous voice sounds. The musical duet can either uplift your soul or cause feelings of fatigue.melodies within your heart

Wellness Coaching to Encourage Musical Melody

Whatever musical expression found upon one’s face can give God the glory. How? By realizing that whether you are having a peaceful day or having a windstorm within your life, you can overcome every situation by anchoring your soul in Christ. We offer you a healthy wellness plan to overcome or endure the face of music within your soul. Check out our various inspirational music and motivating virtual or on on-site services we offer.

At the same time, Remember, “This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s sanctuary” (Hebrews 6:19 NLT). When you get a chance, engage in our musical therapy by listening to the song called My Soul’s Been Anchored on our cd, God’s Grace.